Transforming Education: Adapting to the Online World

The pandemic forced the shift from offline to online education methods. While creating intuitive solutions to enable continuation of education and to prevent any fraud & malpractices during examinations has become a concern, the online proctoring system was our solution to address this challenge. Have a look at our blog on how we are Transforming the Education System by leveraging latest cutting-edge technologies

Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Tech industry: Living by Merit as an Equal Opportunity Employer

Diversity is a ubiquitous word, especially when it comes to gender diversity. Every industry in every walk of life is striving towards bringing equality to gender inclusiveness. The necessity of gender diversity, particularly in tech, is essential for companies to develop more inclusive, productive, and efficient workspaces for all. Having seen such disparities, technology companies are trying to fasten their belts and bring changes in every vertical to emphasize the importance of women in work and Truminds is leading that charter for the change…Read More