TruCore - 5G Packet Core Solution

Truminds has an industry proven 5G packet core solution, TruCore, keeping the changing market dynamics in mind. This solution is Adopted by multiple clients and being interop-ed with Tier 1 networks globally. We believe 5G is not just about new Radio, but it is the total end-to-end network including both RAN and Packet Core need to evolve to cater to these needs of operators.


  • 14 Gbps @ 650 Bytes Packet Size (7+1 cores)
  • 16 Gbps @ 1400 Bytes Packet Size (7+1 cores)

TruCore - Highlights:

  • UPF, SMF, AMF are available & other nodes are in pipeline
  • TruCore runs in 6WINDGate as a plugin
  • TruCore supports MPTCP Proxy for ATSSS
  • TruCore supports High Availability (HA)


  • High performance user traffic handling and forwarding engine for multi-Gbps performance
  • Control & User plane separation (CUPS) based architecture for flexible and scalable network deployments
  • Cloud native architecture with benefits of cloud deployment and architecture